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We do all sorts of portraits! Individual for business or glamour, maternity, families, babies, children, high school seniors, even pets!!

You can have the “ultimate portrait experience”!! Read on …

Master Photographer Steve Rouch has traveled across the United States for the last 35 years studying the lost art of “classical fine art portraiture” with internationally renowned artists.

With the understanding of this art form, Steve is able to analyze each human face to find the most flattering angles. Steve has learned to literally “paint with light” with up to 7 lights in his camera room with precise directional capabilities. These lights put a twinkle in the eye, paint each strand of hair, play with highlight and shadow and sculpt images into breathtaking beauty.

Virtually all of Steve’s clients share the human concern of “not being photogenic” or “not liking past pictures.” All humans share this feeling including Steve himself! He has been trained to help people look younger, slimmer and tanner than they ever dreamed. With the use of a sizable monitor, Steve works with each client to find the perfect outfit, background, soft flattering lighting, body language and expression to create their own personal “work of art.”

Part of the magic of this experience is that when Steve was little, he decided Peter Pan was right… It is NOT fun to grow up!!! So you will find him to be a playful and fun person to work with. He is the biggest 5-year-old in town, and he will invite the 5-year-old in you “out to play” during the session.
(Not literally, but he loves to have this experience be charged with laughter and happiness….don’t we all look out best when we feel this way?)

Of course you can bring loved ones to either be in the session with you or observe from another room thru a closed circuit TV. You will be amazed to see how Steve builds sets and backgrounds that perfectly blend with each clothing change so that each image created ends up looking like an “Old Masters Painting!” Steve loves to go outside as well … just behind his studio is a nature preserve!

Fine art portraiture is not expensive….its priceless and ironically the LEAST expensive investment you will ever make! Divide how long you will have the portrait into what your investment is and it works out to pennies a day! 
(We are known for our affordability….we do that by design because we love what we do and always want to be serving clients. Ask about our “name your price” option!)

This is just a brief description of the “portrait experience” with Steve Rouch. Steve’s long career and photography credentials that are your assurance of the highest possible quality.

For an appointment and clothing consultation please call us at 651-644-2184. We would love to serve you!

Why trust a “once in a lifetime portrait” to a once in a while photographer?