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Your children and family are growing up right before your very eyes….it’s later than you think! I get tears in my eyes thinking about my two sons now grown and gone. It’s impossible to stop time but I have been doing just that with fine portraiture for 35+ years. I would be honored to capture the love and togetherness of your family in a portrait that will last forever!
~Steve Rouch

Top Portrait Photographer in Minneapolis

Our studio is located in Woodbury, MN next to a nature preserve.
Please call 651-644-2184 if you’d like to set up an appointment!

Did you know? We are A+ rated with the Better Business Bureau and we have a great rating with City Pages, Google and others.

Go here for an Interview with Steve Rouch conducted by local access TV host, Jack Doepke.

Age and portraiture … thoughts from Steve Rouch:
I have noticed that the older my clients are, the more they value classical portraiture. Simply put, it is because of two reasons. One is change. They have experienced change in their life and live in an astonished state as people, places and things come and go. As the Fiddler on the Roof says….”seedlings turn overnight to sunflowers blossoming even as we gaze.” With change comes loss, something younger folks do not deal with much. As we age, we turn endless possibilities into memories of what really happened in our lives.

The second reason is memories. The older you get, the more life is about memories about what has already happened, and less about dreams about what will happen. If nothing changed on Earth, I would be out of a job instantly. Since we all age, it is prudent to literally invest in memories. The higher quality, the better. Selfies are okay, but if that is all you have down the trail, I believe you will regret it.

That is where I come in. I am a Master photographer. That means I can make you very happy. You do not have to worry about a shoot not to your liking. I have figured out exactly how to make anyone serious about owning great portraiture very happy……guaranteed. I use a large monitor and show clients their images every 10 minutes. I keep clients in charge of what I do so there is no way you end up unhappy with what we create together as a team.

I also have a “you name your price” policy so clients do not go overboard with their investments. Clients LOVE this. It is easy to get carried away with your investment because the images are so good. I offer a way for you to keep all the images, on a disk, copyright released at YOUR price. Please ask about this. Its so fun for me to be able to offer this!

Don’t let selfies overtake your memories. They serve their purpose, but classical portraiture really knocks clients out. They love well lit, clear, color coordinated and imaginative images. I hope I get a chance to serve you! – Steve